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The no-mess plastic wax barrel means no marks on hands and clothing. What a great idea



The no-mess plastic wax barrel means no marks on hands and clothing. What a great idea
With a choice from 12 vibrant colours, kids are free to create lovely masterpieces
The 12 crayons in this cardboard wallet are easy to sharpen so children can do it all by themselves
More durable than regular colouring crayons, they are lightweight and super strong at the same time
Ideal for small kids 30 months +, these colouring crayons come in 12 vibrant colours and are sold as a pack of 12
Each colour is vivid and bright, helping kids to make the creations they love at home or at nursery
The standard crayons’ size makes them easy to sharpen without blocking the sharpener
Very robust material and resistant lead for reliable and long-lasting wax crayons, perfect for drawing at home or at school
Whether at home or at school, BIC Kids Plastidecor colouring crayons are perfect for introducing kids to the wonderful world of colouring and drawing starting at 30 months. This cardboard wallet contains 12 colouring crayons in assorted colours. The rainbow of colours includes vibrant shades that get the creative juices flowing in your budding artists. These crayons are 12 cm long instead of the standard 17 cm, so they fit perfectly in little hands. The barrel is super durable and the crayon itself is stronger than ordinary colouring crayons so they stand up better to drops and being pressed down hard on paper. Never worry about kids getting dirty whilst using these crayons because hands and clothing stay clean. They sharpen with a regular pencil sharpener and won’t clog up the holes. For over 65 years, BIC has been making top-quality products exported all over the world and sold for the best value. BIC designed the colouring supplies in the BIC Kids product range to give children tools that are fun to use and help them grow.
Colour glides easily onto paper for fun and smooth drawings, scribbles and colouring


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